MegaMillions Billions: That's scary,…

MegaMillions Billions: That's scary,…

$ 1.6 MegaMillions Billions: That's scary,…


The only winner from South Carolina snapped the MegaMillions jackpot on 19.10.

These were the numbers: 15 - 23 - 53 - 65 - 70 and the Golden Mega Ball: 7.


I have analyzed all draws at MegaMillions since 06.09.1996.

The result is really scary - and can be very-very helpful for your tips.


First of all:

Numbers from 50 upwards are statistically drawn less often than other numbers:


Top: MegaMillions How often Flop: Megamillons How often
01 17x 50 1x
28 14x 57 3x
02 12x 55 3x
70 12x 36 3x
17 11x 09 3x




And here are the best and worst from 1-25 Golden Mega Ball (last 100 draws):

Top: Mega Ball How often Flop: Mega Ball How often
9 7x 15 1x
22 7x 21 2x


Apparently, the basic sorting of the Mega Ball machine has an influence on the result.

As you can see, some numbers statistically offer significantly better odds than the rest.

Nevertheless, of course it can also come to an accumulation of rare numbers, as the result of 19.10. proves.

Nevertheless, I advise you, always keep a look at frequent numbers - so-called permanencies.

As you can see, you can gain a significant statistical advantage.