PowerBall: Incredible statistics

PowerBall: Incredible statistics

Once again interesting facts! PowerBall: Incredible statistics


About the so-called permanencies.


As I wrote to you about MegaMillions last week, Powerball also has frequencies and rarities in the numbers that are actually drawn.


Balls with numbers 1 to 69 are in the lottery drum.


Numbers 61-64 +69 are drawn up to 3 times more frequently than others:

Top: PB-Numbers how often Flop: PB-Numbers how often
64 37x 35 11x
69 36x 51 16x
23 35x 46 16x
28 35x 04 16x
32 35x 65 17x
61 33x 34 17x
62 31x 58 18x
63 31x 38 18x


And here are the best and worst from number 1-26 Powerball:

Top: Powerball how often Flop: Powerball how often
9 19x 14 6x
24 18x 23 8x


Apparently, the basic sorting of the Powerball machine has an influence on the result.

As you can see, statistically some numbers offer significantly better opportunities than the others,

and you can give yourself a significant statistical advantage.

Therefore, always keep a look at frequent numbers - so-called permanencies.