The mix is crucial...

The mix is crucial...

Often I am asked, what is the best strategy? Should I put my whole budget on a lottery, or distribute it over several?


Clear answer: It depends ;).


Decisive are always the jackpot heights of the respective lotteries.


The winning probability remains the same - no matter how high the jackpot is.


But: The higher the jackpot - the more players - competitors who also hunt for "your" millions.


That's why I think the best strategy for high jackpots: rather distribute several individual tips on several lotteries, so you have several iron in the same fire, which do not compete themselves.


If you play 6 tips in the same lottery, only one tip can get the main prize and all the other 5 would have lost.

Otherwise you would have 6 chances on the respective main price, should your numbers come.